KAT-TUN and NEWS 4ever

2 amazing groups XD

8 December
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I am in my second year of college! I may be at a tech college for now, but next year I will hopefully be at Columbia College in Chicago for music business and working on composition and performance. I want to go to Japan and be the the music industry. I love Japanese music so much!!!

And btw....I totally love KAT-TUN and NEWS! If you couldn't tell already :P And I have to thank my friends for first introducing me to KAT-TUN. If they hadn't then......that would be really sad. Ok so the most asked question is "Who is your favorite in the group(s)?" So here is my list for BOTH groups:
1. Kazuya Kamenashi
2. Tatsuya Ueda
3. NTT (Yuichi Nakamaru, Koki Tanaka & Junnosuke Taguchi)
^ They are tied :P but NTT is pretty awesome with their song GIRLS

1. Tegomass (Yuya Tegoshi & Takahisa Masuda)
3. Tomohisa Yamashita
4. Keiichiro Koyama
5. Kato Shigeaki
6. Nishikido Ryo
^Sorry Ryo fans. I do love his acting though. If I were to do a list for that then he would be closer to the top.

Favorite JE couples
1. Akame <3
2. Ryoda
3. Kameda
4. Jinda

Haha for me Kame and Jin should be together. I love them to much for Kame to be with someone else. I know people like Kokame, but please don't bring that up with me. I really really don't like Kokame. I can't believe I just mentioned that couple 2 times already. Ugh!!!! yea that's how much that couple bugs me. Anyways.......I do write fanfics and right now most of them have been Akame. I really want to write Ryoda soon!!!

Well there is my list. And if you really want to know why they are in that order then feel free to ask. Just don't diss......cuz this is how i PERSONALLY feel. Either way.....I think they are all great. Well there are other bands that I like to. Although I found out that I only listen to Japanese or Korean music now. Not much American music.....hmmmm.....what can I say. I guess I have changed over the years. Well feel free to add me as a friend!

~kattun_newsfan XD