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07 November 2020 @ 02:35 pm

 ok so recently I changed my journal to friends only. I have been getting requests for many people to be my friend and I have no clue why. So I will add you if you at least talk to me because not everyone talks to me. I know my journal isn't the most exciting and I haven't updated any fics in a long long time, but still if you wanna read them or be my friend then tell me something about yourself. Like if you like KAT-TUN (or any other JE group) and who is your favorite member or anything else you wanna tell me.

Oh and if anyone says that they are a die hard Koki Tanaka fan then I swear you will be the most awesome person ever!!!! haha I have been dying to meet one!!! Not to make it sound bad or anything >.< 

Recently I have made two more accounts. Don't be afraid to add me!!! I love making friends :)
kattun_newsfanr  = my review channel. I review KAT-TUN, NEWS and Arashi DVD's and recently CDs (i haven't started the CDS yet ><)
kattun_newsfans  = my sales account. recently I discovered that I bought things that I don't want anymore or just have more than one.

And please don't forget to check out my YouTube account!!!!! just click -> BOgawaXD12
I also have another account for KAT-TUN and Jin Akanishi info. Just click -> kattunxjinakanishi
I worked hard on making the videos and there are still a lot more to come!!! And I mean a lot more to come XD

Oh and I have a twitter account so you cal follow me if you want to. It's connected to my kattunxjinakanishi youtube account so yea :) my un is kattunxjin :) 

I have a formspring account as well so you can ask me questions :) its BOgawaXD

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07 November 2020 @ 02:00 pm
Here is a list of my fanfics that I have done. Basically drabbles and one-shots right now. Hopefully I will do one multi-chap. Most of them are Akame only because I love them XD haha although I really wanna do a Ryoda soon! Both couples are HOT!! XD


Helpless Night
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It was a helpless night. They both wanted each other in the end, but just one thing was standing in their way. His girlfriend. Will they give up everything they had or do everything to stay together?

Akame Forever
Pairing: Akame & Pikame (slight)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When Kame wakes up he is alone and on his birthday too. Will things end up like they did last year or will things be different this year?

Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kame loves Jin. Jin could like Kame. Jin has a girlfriend. Could one kiss change it all?

Hopelessly Devoted
Rating: PG-13
Beta: None
Summary: Kame writes Jin a letter about what he has been going through since their break up.
Warning: Charter Death (Maybe. It’s up to you on if you think he dies or not).

Rating: NC-17 (may change. Depends on which chapter)
Beta: imangelofmusic 
Summary: I honestly thought I would never regret it, but I was wrong. I always do something to mess up my life, but this time it is even more messed up than before. I normally don’t let people in my life, no in my heart that easily because I’m afraid that in the end they will leave me. And that’s exactly what you did. Now I am only left with memories hoping that one day I will get over you, but now I know I will never love like this again.



Christmas Wish
Pairing: Ryoda, Akame and hints of other pairings
Rating: Pg-13/NC-17
Summary: Ueda can't take it anymore. How is it that everyone gets to be with their loved ones except for him? Jin and Kame aren't helping at all with their PDA, but decided to host a Christmas party for all their friends. Ueda want's just one wish and that is for Ryo to come back from Osaka.

- The Great Escape
- 愛のコマンド (Ai no Command)
- Misery Pt. 2 (access it through the first part below)

- Misery Pt. 1

~*Upcoming Fics*~
Untitled (for now)
Rating NC-17 (maybe)
Summary (for now):  Kame's in love with Jin, but Jin doesnt know about it. One day, Jin got drunk and they slept with each other, but Jin doesnt remember anything bout that night. Jin then left for LA and when he came back, he brought with him, a girlfriend. while at a gathering at his parent's house, with his parents and his friends around, he announced that they are going to get married.kame's devastated.jin's mom knows bout kame's feelings. before the wedding, kame finds out that he's pregnant
For archangel66 because she asked :)
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13 April 2014 @ 10:45 pm
Hello everyone!

Ok so I know its been a long time since I have posted ANYTHING on this livejournal and I must say I am a little shocked and kinda disappointed in myself. My tweets have been posting; however I am no longer on that account anymore. Many things have changed over the years and I'm a little surprised by how much has changed. Don't get me wrong I still LOVE KAT-TUN and will always and forever be a Hyphen (even though Koki left as well), but I am also apart of other fanclubs. I am also a VIP (BIGBANG), a BABY (B.A.P) and a KissMe (U-KISS). And if Eric Nam had an official fan club name, then I would be apart of it as well. I actually wish I was involved more on Livejournal and hopefully after this post it will change.

So basically here is a list of things that have happened in my life since my last post
- Started a NEW YouTube channel (jpopkpopcraziness)
- Started a NEW Twitter account (jpop_kpopcray)
- Started a Tumblr (jpopkpopcraziness)
- Started an Instagram (jpop_kpopcray)
hmm....are you sensing a theme here? lol
- Went to a BIGBANG concert (BIGBANG 2012 ALIVE Tour Newark Prudential Centre, NJ 11.8 and 11.9)
- Went to a U-KISS concert (U-KISS 1st US Tour NYC Times Square Best Buy Theater, NY 1.11)
- Got a new job (Moving from a Target Starbucks to an actual cooperate Starbucks)
- WILL be going to a B.A.P concert (B.A.P LOE 2014 U.S. ATTACK Merrillville Star Plaza Theatre, IN 4.19)
- Stopped writing AKAME fanfics (Nothing has come to mind and unfortunately I'm not sure if I will start again)
oh and one more thing

Now here are some things that happened in Japan
- I bought so many items (JE and Kpop related)
- I finally found a 2007 Cartoon KAT-TUN II YOU Tour lightstick and was so freaking happy ^^
- Found a Jin and Kame version of Real Face (along with Koki, but didn't buy Koki's >.<)
- Umm.....I could go on and on about many JE things I bought, but lets just say it was a lot
- Same goes with Kpop things as well. Mostly BIGBANG haha XD
- Made some awesome friends and met a cute guy haha
- Stayed in Hyogo (Sanda/Flowertown) and Osaka (Tsuruhashi/Tamatsukuri)
-Tried natto (omg.....never again >.<)

Now I also realized that I am a little more into Kpop than Jpop at the moment. I know that KAT-TUN has come out with new singles, but haven't kept up with it. When I was in Japan, Kame was promoting "Ore, Ore" and I left Japan before I could see that movie (I was so freaking bummed. Oh along with AKB48's Flower without tears...or something like that). Oh and "Expose" was also being released as well. Overall, things have changed and I will try to get back on livejournal. I have FINALLY started reading some akame fanfics again and I must say, I don't know how I survived without them. Like WTF was I thinking!? I am bummed that I most likely lost my connections here on LJ because I was so active before. I hope I can connect with everyone again and become friends again. Also, LJ was my in to the KAT-TUN news and without it I have slowly faded away.

Ok well here I am. I am back and ready to get back into the swing of things. And i noticed my LJ theme isn't as it was before I left. Hmmm....I guess its time to find a new one. And if you are reading this then thank you for getting this far, since I'm sure its a little boring. And thank you for still being connected with my LJ.

- Brooke

If you wanna follow me then feel free ^^ I am on SNS a little way too much
Twitter: twitter.com/jpop_kpopcray
Tumblr: http://jpopandkpopcraziness.tumblr.com/
YouTube: youtube.com/user/jpopkpopcraziness
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+BrookeFrommSarto
Instagram: instagram.com/jpop_kpopcray (or just look up jpop_kpopcray if you have the app)
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11 February 2012 @ 01:33 pm
Ok so if you don't already know (i'm sure most of you do) Jin Akanishi got married to Meisa Kuroki on Feb 2nd. It was officially announced on Feb 9th. 
I would like to say congratulations on the marriage and there have been rumors that she is 2 months pregnant. If so then congratulations on the baby as well. I'm sure they will make great parents.

I know that some ppl have already bashed Jin in his decision making, but it is his life. Sure fans may be upset (after all liking a single man is easier than liking a married man), but please support him. I am still on the edge about it. Not because I disagree or anything, but it's my fan side coming out. I'm just a little bummed, but I know I will get over it. I will not stop being his fan and will continue to support him in all that he does. Wether it's in America or Japan or anywhere else around the world. (And for those who rly know me then of course I will still be obsessed with Akame XD haha. Yea that's not weird or anything ><)

I also wish Meisa luck as well. I hope many ppl don't say mean and hurtful things about her. I have been a fan since i saw her in the drama with Kame (haha sorry to bring that up) and I forgot the name of the drama XD Oh and that movie with Arashi in it. I know I posted about it before, but I forgot the name XD But I like her and her music. She is a great match for Jin and they deserve to be happy. 

Jin and Meisa,
Live a happy life. It will be tough, but I'm sure you can fight through it all.
If you think your disappointing fans then think again. Your happiness is important to us.
No matter what you will have family, friends and fans who will always love you.
Congratulations Jin and Meisa! 

Love your fan,
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Ok so this is just what I heard. Feel free to correct me :) Again...congrats Jin on your debut. I couldn't be happier. 
This is for the main song not the remixes...i noticed a few changes, but nothing big so no worries (just where some random background vocals go) oh and this is my first time doing a lyrics thing.

Test Drive

Jin Akanishi feat. Jason Derulo
Genre: Dance
Released: November 8, 2011

Yeah Test Drive
It's Jin... 
Jason Derulo 

Baby I got it 
Got what you need 
Wanna take you places 
You may never wanna leave 
Let me be your driver 
I'll take you wherever 
Let me sit behind ya 
Lay it on my leather 

Shawty tell me that it's okay (okay) 
If I can spend the night baby (baby) 
I could give you just what you need 
As long as the light is green 
Tell me that you ready, I'll go (go) 
Caution imma take it slow (slow) 
Like aww baby, aww baby, aww baby 

Gimme a test drive 
So I could take you for a ride 
After midnight 
We'll go downtown 
Gimme a test drive
Gimme a test drive 
When I throw some d's on ya body 
If you're ready, you can start it by givin me a test drive 

Gimme a test drive 
So I could take you for a ride 
After midnight
We'll go downtown 
Gimme a test drive
Gimme a test drive 
When I throw some d's on ya body 
If you're ready, you can start it by givin me a test drive 

I know you're ready 
Come roll with me (come roll with me) 
We can take it slow 
If you wanna I'll bring you up to speed (yeah) 
Tell me you're a rider 
You(?) could be my passenger 
I'll keep both my hands on 
And I won't be asking you  

Shawty tell me that it's okay (okay) 
If I can spend the night baby (baby) 
I could give you just what you need 
As long as the light is green 
Tell me that you ready, I'll go (go) 
Caution imma take it slow (slow) 
Like aww baby, aww baby, aww baby 

Gimme a test drive
So I could take you for a ride 
After midnight
We'll go downtown 
Gimme a test drive
Gimme a test drive 
When I throw some d's on ya body 
If you're ready, you can start it by givin me a test drive 

Gimme a test drive
So I could take you for a ride 
After midnight 
We'll go downtown 
Gimme a test drive
Gimme a test drive 
When I throw some d's on ya body 
If you're ready, you can start it by givin me a test drive 

Been waiting on your signal before we get down 
Never wanted something so bad 
Need you right now 
Baby, say the word 
I'll give you all of me 
As long as the light is green 

Let's go x2

Gimme a test drive 
So I could take you for a ride 
After midnight 
We'll go downtown 
Gimme a test drive 
Gimme a test drive 
When I throw some d's on ya body 
If you're ready, you can start it by givin me a test drive 

Gimme a test drive
So I could take you for a ride 
After midnight 
We'll go downtown (Hey)
Gimme a test drive
Gimme a test drive 
When I throw some d's on ya body 
If you're ready, you can start it by givin me a test drive 

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07 November 2011 @ 08:20 pm
Hello everyone!!! 

Ok so I really want to read some fics and I have been looking around and there have been some I was interested in and others not so much. 
I really wanna read some Akame, Ryoda, Kameda or Tegomass fics. Yes I have checked the akame_ community, kattun_fanfics community and jehottest_love community. 

Any suggestions????

Oh and if you have some please keep in mind
1. not so hot on violence
2. no vampire stuff
3. i am pervy....so I think you get it. 
4. I will read the pg and fluff if I have to :P
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06 October 2011 @ 07:06 pm
“Misery” Ver. 1
Please listen to the song when reading. Thanks! (Misery by Maroon 5)

Why do you do what you do to me yeah. Why won’t you answer me answer me yeah
It’s been too long. Almost 6 months since they saw each other. Ueda couldn’t take it anymore. No matter what he did to communicate with the other, there was no answer.
I am in misery. There ain’t nobody who can comfort me. Why won’t you answer me? The silence is slowly killing me
Something went off inside Ueda. He knew that he had to something to get Ryo back for being an ASS! Ueda didn’t want to leave him, but he realized that nothing can help their relationship. So he made a list of all the things Ryo  Nishikido would absolutely HATE.
He came up with:
  • Making out with NEWS/Kanjani 8 members
  • Sex with Yamapi or Jin (although Kame would kill him)
  • Be seen making out with a hot girl
  • Just being with a hot girl
  • Ruin his car

Boy you really got me bad, you really got me bad. Now I’m gonna get you back. I’m gonna get you back
Of course, once he started to make out with Yamapi in the club, Ryo sees them. He is angry as hell and grabs Yamapi and punches him out cold.
“What the hell hime!? What the fuck are you thinking? Do I mean anything to you?”
Ueda just smirked, leaned in close to his ear and said, “let me be. I’ll set you free.” He turned away and grabbed Kame’s hand and headed to the VIP part of the club. Jin then came up to Ryo saying, “Damn they got us back.” Ryo sighed and said “Yea…the push and pull backfired.”

Part 2 this way!
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06 October 2011 @ 07:03 pm
“愛のコマンド (Ai no Command)”  Pt. 1
Please listen to the song when reading. Thanks!
(愛のコマンド (Ai no Command) by KAT-TUN)

Switch on! 愛のコマンド
Switch on! Ai no Command
Switch on! Command of love
Everyone left the practice room only leaving Kame. He had to perfect the movements for the Queen of Pirates tour. After all, they get their own shots for 2 of the songs. He started practicing the dance for Six Senses, not noticing someone watching his every move.
どこにいても 何してても あなたのこと想ってるよ
Doko ni itemo nani shitetemo anata no koto omotteru yo
Wherever I am, whatever I'm doing, I'm thinking about you

He slowly approaches Kame and takes his hand making Kame stop in surrise. He was happy to see Jin so close. He was happy to se that Jin didn’t leave. He was happy to finally get some alone time with his boyfriend.
好きだよと見つめ合って 踏み出せないのはなんで?

Suki dayo to mitsumeatte furi dasenai nowa nande?
Once we stare at each other with affection, why don't you begin your next step?

Ah karada wa shoujiki ni matte iru
Ah, your body is honestly waiting
不意打ちのキスだなんて 体を重ねた後で
Fuiuchi no kisu da nante karadawo kasaneta ato de
Unexpected sudden kiss can be given after we put our body together
They were in such a heated kiss and both wanted more. Jun suddenly pushed Kame against the mirrors and began to take off his clothing. Kame rubbed their growing erections together making them moan in pleasure. Before they knew it, both were standing naked, still attacking each other. Jin moved lower to mark his lover. Kame’s moans became louder once Jin took his member into his mouth. Jin was sucking and massaging Kame’s ass while slowly pushing a finger into his hole. Kame couldn’t handle all the pleasure. He slowly started to fuck Jin’s mouth and finally came. He knew they weren’t done. After all…he still hasn’t had Jin’s cock in his ass…
そのHugMine Switch on
Sono Hug no Mine Switch on
Your hug is Mine, Switch on
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06 October 2011 @ 06:57 pm
“The Great Escape”
PG – Fluff
Please listen to the song when reading. Thanks! (The Great Escape by 少女時代)
It was silent. Neither of them were talking, but they took small glances every now and then. They were doing the unthinkable.
Lets get out of this place…
一緒なら心配ないって そう 信じて
issho nara shinpai nai tte sou shinji te
I believe that if we are together, there’s nothing to worry about
He knew it was time. Yes, they had their careers, but it only pushed them further apart. They love each other so much and decided to leave. No one knew where they were going. Not even themselves.
奇跡待つくらいなら 自分で解決するわ
kiseki matsu kurai nara jibun de kaiketsu suru wa
If you are waiting for some miracle, solve it on your own.
hai risuku de ro ritan de mo koukai shi nai kara
Even if it’s a high risk with low return…you won’t regret it
As long as they were together then it’s fine. Sure 4, no 5 people may be upset with the lousy letter left behind, but it made the people think, “be happy.” After all, they only wanted what was best for the two. Of course there was trouble to come and it wasn’t going to be easy to explain to all the fans. But if they knew that it was for love, then everyone is sure they would support them. Even if that means that the others activities may but put to a stop
まだ少し戸惑い隠せないのね I know that
mada sukoshi tomadoi kakuse nai no ne I know that
You can’t hide that you’re still a little confused. I know that.
ガンジガラメ 君のユメ 解き放ってあげるわ
ganjigarame kimi no yume tokihanat te ageru wa
I’ll set you free from your dream that confines you
Yes, he had to convince the other about the sudden decision; however it didn’t take long. The other decided right then before he changes his mind. After all, he was working his ass off. And now here they are on the plane holding each other’s hand.
“This is it Kazu.”
“I know…you ready?”
“Hell yea”
They looked at each other and kissed as they were taking off, as they made their GREAT ESCAPE
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15 September 2011 @ 08:30 pm
Hello everyone!
This weekend I was gonna get my 5 drabbles typed and posted, but I'm sick. It started yesterday and I thought I could get ahead and try to get better. It was fine, but then it hit me hard today and it wasn't good. I am feeling somewhat better, but it sucks looking at a scren so I'm trying to type this fast. Anyways I'm sorry and I WILL get it up soon!! I worked so hard for this comback, but I guess it will be a little delayed. 

Everyone thanks for being patient. Now go and enjoy your day and listen to some awesome J-pop or K-pop music :)

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